Worship Team Corner

Welcome to the worship team corner! Find what you need to prepare musically and vocally for your scheduled week. Keep up with your schedule here as well.

**NOTE: We are transitioning to Planning Center Online for scheduling, service planning, and resources. If you don’t have the free app, you can download it directly to your mobile device. Also, it is accessible on a desktop. You will be receiving an email invitation to set a password shortly.


It’s definitely time to write out a new schedule. Some of you have made me aware of dates you are unavailable in November. Please text me any dates you are not available or are on call for November, December, and January. As always, I will do my best to work around your schedule. My number again is 337-277-9333.

**NOTE: For the most part, you may disregard the file below and just follow the weekly Team Line-Up listed for each week. There have been many changes.


Set for 10/27

C – Inhabit

C – New Doxology

A – Great Are You Lord (Mel)

C – Greater Than


This is the key we will be singing in.
This recording is in G. We will be in C which is 5 half steps higher than this recording.
This is the key we will be singing in.
This key is Ab. We will be in C which is 4 half steps higher than this recording.
PIANO RIFF FOR GREATER THAN IN C – Intro and after chorus


Piano – Ashlyn

Keys – Brooke

Drums – Matt

Acoustic – Josh

Bass – Ryan

Vocals – Jannette, Melanie, Nick

Computer – Sophia

Offertory – One Way Kids

See PLANNING CETER ONLINE for 11/3 Set and Preparation Resources


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