More Info on online Giving

How Online Giving Works

You transfer money directly from your checking amount or a debit/credit card to the church's bank account. You can also set up online giving for a regular schedule weekly or monthly.

It's fast, safe and easy. In fact, online giving is a little less risky than checks, which can be lost, stolen or destroyed. The electronic transfers also don't cost you anything. We will issue you a donation statement for your tax records, and the transfer will show up on your bank and/or credit card statements. Donations via electronic transfer can either be made to our General Fund, or they can be specified for another fund. 

Benefits of Online Giving

For our church, online giving:
  • Reduces the number of checks to process and deposit, which means less work for our office staff
  • Promotes consistent giving
  • Makes it easier to forecast future donations
  • Provides easy tracking of giving commitments
  • Allows people who don't regularly attend here to help to support our ministries
For you, online giving:
  • Offers a convenient, private and secure option for giving
  • Strengthens participation and support in the church
  • Allows you to contribute even when you're out of town 
  • Is more secure than bringing cash or checks to church


Is online giving secure?
Yes, all account information you enter is secure. No one has access to your data unless authorized by you.

Are there any hidden charges or fees?
No. You select the dollar amount for your gift. That is the dollar amount that will be recognized as your donation. No costs or fees.

Why do I have to set up an account and password?
Setting up an account with a password allows you to enter the secure area of the website for your transaction. Once your account and password are established, all of your personal information (including account numbers) is safe and protected.

What if I want to change my online giving to stop it?
At any time you can log into the system with your account name and password and make changes.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?
Call 337-783-3620 or email and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.